About Us

Mango is in the business of helping people get more business

We believe any business can leverage the power of online marketing in order to truly build their business. It simply requires the right mindset, tools and processes to get it happening…and we can certainly get you on your way.

We’re crazy about conversion

It’s in the improved sales conversions that your business is more profitable. That’s what we aim for from day one.

Our design and content marketing know-how is aimed at your ideal audience. Our analytics and monitoring processes keep tabs on the marketplace so we can keep bringing you real, buying customers.

Mango has grown with the internet

Mango Design Group Pty Limited was established by Carolyn Wilson in 1993 as a graphic design studio. Carolyn applied her creative design and practical business skills to a wide variety of projects for small business and large blue chip corporations, such as NRMA, Boral and Telstra.

Carolyn WilsonIn 1997, Mango moved into website design and development, tapping into the enormous growth of an exciting new industry.

In 2008, Carolyn earned the Award of Achievement in Web Analytics through The University of British Columbia, providing her with the expertise to offer a comprehensive service in website monitoring and conversion rate optimisation, making significant improvements to client sites’ results.

In recent years, social media and search engine marketing have become a crucial part of online marketing and Google visibility. This has driven Carolyn to further build on her online marketing capabilities, including training in San Diego, California, where she mixed with international social media leaders, including Mari Smith, author of ‘The New Relationship Marketing’ and Michael Stelztner, author of ‘Launch’.

Carolyn believes Mango offers the most complete and up to date online marketing services available.

We offer much more than just a website

The problem today is that it’s easy to get lost in the daily information overload everyone is exposed to.

At Mango, we work with you to make sure every aspect of your internet presence matches your brand personality and vision, helping you achieve your goal of building an even better business.