Email Marketing Services

email marketingThink of it like having your target audience on tap

Email marketing remains the most sound, reliable form of building a market base. Social networks are continually moving the goal posts for business, while Google can change its rules in a flash and have your site drop off the page for a while.

Meanwhile, email marketing has survived and right now it is possibly stronger than ever. If you follow the right marketing formula, your list will keep growing and your business audience is right there at your fingertips.

Mango can work with you to put the right plan and structure in place for your email success.

Mango’s email marketing service includes:

Email list building strategies

Brand and design development

Newsletter schedule development

Promotional campaigns

On-going emails and content strategy

Website landing pages

Monitoring and reporting

Want better emailing results?

Mango can help you grow your contact list, and nurture it towards more business and more sales.

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