Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation

Web design that focuses on user experience will bring you more business

You deserve to have a website that pays for itself.

If your website is dated or not getting the response you would like it to, you can be missing out on business opportunities… every day.

Our design process not only brings your website forward in looks and technology, but it offers a user experience that allows visitors to easily find exactly what you have to offer them.

We get clear on who your ideal customer is, and what you are expecting from your website. This also prepares us for your search engine optimisation strategy.

Content marketing is the new SEO

Most web design companies don’t include a search strategy. We believe your search strategy should be included as early as initial visual designs, meaning your site is Google optimised from the ground up.

As Google continues to weed out ‘cheat’ methods to rank well in Google search, it is becoming more and more crucial to focus on presenting valuable content to your audience.

Blogging, social media activity, and being on other websites are a huge plus to your online visibility if done the right way.

Google can gauge this activity around to your site, and therefore rewards you by moving you up the search results.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be hard work.

Our content marketing strategy, tools and training will arm you with communications ammunition that will appeal to your most desirable audience.


To sum up, while well-applied SEO brings more traffic to your website, a well-designed user experience converts more of that traffic into paying customers.

Our web design & SEO services include:

Keyword research and competitor analysis

Website evaluation and reports

Social media profile optimisation

Content marketing strategy development

Editorial tools and training

Want to get more buyers to your website?

We can work with you towards relevant, compelling content that targets your ideal buyer and gets you real results.

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